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What I offer

Why choose me as your wedding DJ?
There are many great DJs in the North East, all offering their services to couples for their big day, however, for every one good DJ there are five or more not so good.

Every company should have their own Unique Selling Point, what makes them stand out from everyone else!

Having spent the majority of my working life as a Customer Service Trainer, I've been able to adapt many of the skills I've learned to my career as a DJ. I've spoken to countless couples organising their wedding day and what stood out for me was the need to tailor the day and not offer standard Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. 


How your special day goes is entirely up to you, I don't have an ego but I do have experience in bringing together your guests to end the wedding or celebration exactly how it should be.


I personally will DJ for you and provide a setup consisting of modern, high quality professional sound and lighting equipment. There are some companies that take the booking then search to see if there is a DJ free on that night for you. I guarantee that if you book me, it will be me that DJs for you and your guests.


The music is totally up to you. I don't care to remember the amount of times I've been asked "do you take requests?" This question baffles me. It's your party, I play what you want me to play. I will use my experience as a DJ to make suggestions for what might work and what might not work but ultimately the decision is yours.


So why me over the countless other DJs?

Experience & Professionalism

I have spent many years DJing discos for all kinds of events. I've DJ'd at most of the exclusive venues across the North East and North Yorkshire. I'm part of the DJmark award scheme and part of the North East DJ Network.

Your Music

The music played at your wedding or celebration is totally your choice. I can create your playlist and take requests throughout the day/evening. All music is sourced through music pool subscriptions.



I use quality equipment from some of the most reputable companies in the DJ industry. Not only does my equipment perform well, it is reliable. Every piece of equipment we use has a PAT inspection to ensure it can be safely connected to the mains electricity supply. *PAT Certificate available upon request.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

If a company is to be classed as professional they should be insured, it's as simple as that. There are many DJ companies with £10 million PLI. This is free with a £30 subscription and has never been claimed against.


My Insurance is through Music Guard and not only covers against Public Liability but also my equipment.

*Policy available upon request.


Included in any quote is unlimited meetings to discuss exactly what you want. I will be available to meet with you up to the day of your wedding. This can take place at your home, the wedding venue or we can meet for a coffee.


A common theme in any service, is the word "wedding" seems to increase the price drastically and I've never been able to fathom why. I'm certainly not the cheapest DJ on the market however, four hours is four hours regardless of the function. My price reflects my experience, my equipment and all of the associated costs with running a legal business. 

Wedding DJ Newcastle

Wedding DJ

I'll take care of your first dance(s) and any announcements throughout the evening

Events DJ

Birthdays, engagements and any other reason to celebrate

"Proper" DJ

I take pride in being a "proper" DJ that just so happens to play at weddings

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