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My Story


So, here goes....

I learned how to DJ many moons ago, mostly just bedroom stuff, a few house parties here and there, a few mixes uploaded onto YouTube, you get the idea.


It was never really more than a hobby for me, something I practiced and enjoyed but never wanted to do anything serious with. Of course, headlining an event in Ibiza would be amazing but the chances of that happening are as slim as winning the lottery.


I always had the intention of working for myself, not having to answer to anyone, taking a day off without having to request a holiday but didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do.


That changed when I got married, my Fiancée and I went to Las Vegas to get married and had a celebration with our nearest and dearest when we returned home. We booked a venue that came with a “DJ” and planned everything down to the last detail. What we couldn’t plan was the music we’d like and what we’d not like as the only contact we were able to have was actually on the night itself.


People came, we enjoyed each other’s company but eight years after a celebration for the happiest day of our lives it isn’t memorable at all, I don’t remember one person dancing and couldn’t tell you any songs that were played other than our first dance.


This spurred me on to make a difference, I was already good at DJing but that was more mixing and transitioning dance music than entertaining an audience of various age groups and music tastes at the same time.


I’d finally found my purpose, to make sure that people had a better celebration whether it be their wedding, their engagement or an important milestone birthday party.


Starting out in this business isn’t difficult, you can pick inexpensive equipment up and try to convince someone that you’re worth taking a risk with.


What is difficult is knowing how to read an audience and entertaining the 20 somethings and 60 somethings and everyone in between at the same time. Everyone is going to say they’re good at it, why wouldn’t they? My testimonials are my evidence that whether it’s an 18th, a 30th, an engagement, or a wedding, I can adjust my approach accordingly, go out of my comfort zone and still put on an excellent show – if I do say so myself.


My mind-set to DJing is the same as yours is to your event, 99% planning, 1% execution. Everything is agreed before the party so you know exactly what you’re getting and any adjustments can be made to suit your needs.


It's been a long, sometimes exhausting road to get to where I’m at now but good things come to those who go out and work for it. I’ve built a reputation to the point that I’m consistently securing bookings two years in advance.

If you want to know what I can do for you, get in touch via the contact form.​

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